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Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

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Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic


  • Typ: Tour
    Availability: USA
    CC: 1868
    HP: 94
  • Weight: 316 kg (696.6 lbs.)
    Seat Height: 668 mm (26.3”)
    Lugagge: Right Side Case / Left Side Case / Top Case
    Lugagge Capacity: 21 L (5.5 gal) / 21 L (5.5 gal) / N.A.

Anforderungen: Minimum 28 years old. 3 years old "A" Driving License. Young Driver Surcharge applicable over 25 y.o.



Riders usually consider Softail motorcycles as strong general-purpose bikes. With big-twin engines and styling designed to perfectly resemble a traditional hardtail chopper, these models are provided with hidden rear-wheel suspensions for enhanced comfort.

Harley-Davidson Softail Motorcycles Embrace Both Comfort and Performance

Riders who want the eye-catching style of a classic rigid-frame Harley-Davidson motorcycle without sacrificing modern-day comfort should be familiar with the Softail lineup. With a rear suspension hidden beneath the transmission, these models are as comfortable as they are attractive and powerful.

Heritage Softail Classic

With a name like Heritage Softail Classic, you knew this model would be something to write home about, and you were right.
Styled with the golden era in mind, the Heritage Softail Classic features studded leather saddlebags, a 7-inch ball headlamp, laced wheels, and a large windshield. From your low-slung seat, you’ll be able to slip into the relaxed ride offered by a pullback handlebar, while a passenger seat with contoured backrest means that two people can enjoy the ride in comfort.

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