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Magic South Italy - Rome


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Roma - Sorrento

Reception of the partecipants at the Hertz Ride location in Roma with tour presentation. Our first stop will be dedicated to the visit of the old roman city of Pompei. Extraordinary testimoy of the lifestyle of roman ancient world, Pompei is an open book that provides information on the art, customs, trades and everyday life of the past. The city has re-emerged from the darkness of the centuries precisely as it would have been when it was unexpectedly buried in the thick layer of ash which poured down from the devasting eruption of Vesuvio in 79 A.D. An image you will not forgive. We will then reach Sorrento, our first stop in the Amalfi Coast. Among the colours of the mediterrean nature, its position is perfect to afford a stunning panorama of the bay of Naples.




Sorrento - Amalfi Coast

On the way to the port of Salerno we will have the pleasure of visiting the small fishing village of Cetara. Even today this village is linked to the traditional economic activities deriving from tuna fishing.
At 8.00  PM our presence is requested in the Port of Salerno. The ferry departure for Catania is scheduled for 10.00PM. The morning after we will have the pleasure to taste our first traditional sicilian breakfast.




Catania - Siracusa

Desamberkment at 11.00 AM. After depositing the bikes in a guarded parking lot, we will have about 5 hours available to visit the city.
Piazza del Duomo, the Cathedral of Sant'Agata, the Popular Markets, the Via Etnea with a stop at the historic Pasticceria Savia, Via Dei Crociferi and the Benedictine Monastery. Without to forget the typical local cuisine: Arancini, Schiacciate, Crispelle and a fantastic Sicilian Cannolo.
Our final stop is Siracusa and its historic center, Ortigia’s island. The city of Pitagora. 2000 years of history in 1 km by 500 meters: the Aretusa Spring, the Ear of Dionysius, the Greek theater and the Roman amphitheater. Once again spoiled for choice.




Ortigia - Agrigento

A full immersion in the Sicilian Baroque. During the daily trip quick stop in Noto (to visit the famous baroque cathedral), Modica to taste the chocolate famous all over the world, Ragusa Ibla as higher example of this unique form of architecture.
Only Hertz Ride allow you the see in a few hours of distance different culture and tradition: with a rapid transfer riding our confortable bikes we will reach Agrigento. The image of the Temple Valley at the sunset will remain strongly fixed on your hearth.




Agrigento - Trapani

For those wishing to know more in details the Valley of the Temples, it will be possible to make an additional visit in the early hours of the morning.
Then we will visit Marsala, famous in the world for the production of the homonymous liqueur wine. A visit to the historic Florio cellars will give us the chance to get to know and taste this extraordinary product.
The last stop of our day is the city of Trapani. Before reaching the city center we will have the pleasure of observing the Saline Nature Reserve of Trapani and Paceco, protected by the WWF.




Trapani - San Vito Lo Capo

Whole morning dedicated to the visit of Trapani. Walking freely in the historical center of the city: the Palazzo Senatorio, the Walls of Tramontana, the Torre Ligny, the Torre della Colombaia, the Porta Oscura and the Astronomical Clock. Sicily always offers a wide selection.
The second stage of our today's journey will take us to Erice, an ancient Phoenician and Greek city. You walk in a maze of cobbled streets and narrow passages where only one man can pass. Do not miss the Castle of Venus and the Duomo.
The last stop of the day is San Vito Lo Capo. The sunset on these beaches will remain an indelible image in our memory.




San Vito Lo Capo - San Vito Lo Capo

Day dedicated to relaxation in the beautiful setting of a crystalline sea. 




San Vito Lo Capo - Palermo

A quick journey of about 2 hours will take us to Palermo. Once deposited our bikes in a guarded parking lot, we will have the opportunity to visit the largest Sicilian city for about 5 hours.
Once again, you will be spoiled for choice: Palazzo dei Normanni and the Cappella Palatina, the Teatro Massimo, the Catacombs of the Capuchins, the Piazza delle Quattro Stagioni, the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin.
Not forgetting to taste a delicious sweet of martorana fruit.
At 5.15 pm the presence at the Port of Palermo is required for check in, to load the motorbikes by boat and to take accommodation in the cabin.




Napoli - Rome

After depositing our bikes in a guarded parking lot, we will have the opportunity to visit the center of Naples for about 5 hours. Piazza Plebiscito, The Monastery of Santa Chiara, the Veiled Christ of Sanmartino in the San Severo Chapel. A quick visit but full of charm. We will ride easily by highway from Napoli to Hertz Ride Location in Rome.


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