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COVID Cancelation Policy

The situation around COVID-19 continues uncertain regarding traveling opportunities.

Hertz Ride does everything to ensure our Riders' travel safety or provide maximum flexibility to rebook or cancel existing reservations.

Given these unique circumstances, we are adjusting our booking policies to provide our customers with additional peace of mind. You have further detail below.



If you wish to cancel your reservation before your rental starts, the payment made at the time of reservation is refundable only if the reservation is canceled at least 30 days before the scheduled pick-up date.



COVID-19-related extraordinary circumstances included:

- Rider/ Driver has contracted COVID-19;

- Governmental travel restrictions: Close borders or mandatory quarantine.



You must inform Hertz Ride 24 hours before your rental is due to start, in writing to:


You must also inform your chosen option:

1. Reschedule your reservation to a near-future date

This new reservation is subject to motorcycles availability. The estimated total value will be recalculated based on the availability and prices at the time the modification is made.

2. Deposit/ Pre-payment voucher

Valid for a new booking in the next 12 months starting on the original/ canceled pick-up date.

The new booking can be requested for any of our network locations and countries.

The new booking should be requested at least 60 days before the pick-up date request and is subject to fleet availability.

The new booking is applicable only for the same rider (name and email) as on the original reservation.

New booking cancelation must be done at least 30 days before the pick-up date, or you will not be entitled to the refund.



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