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Harley-Davidson Street Glide

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Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Harley-Davidson Street Glide


  • Tipo: Tour
    Disponibilidad: USA
    Modelo: STREET GLIDE
    Cilindrada: 1746
    Caballos de Potencia: 89
  • Peso: 361 kg (795.7 lbs,)
    Altura de asiento: 663 mm (26.1”)
    Equipaje: Right Side Case / Left Side Case / Top Case
    Capacidad de equipaje: 32.5 L (8.5 gal) / 32.5 L (8.5 gal) / N.A.

Requisitos: Minimum 28 years old. 3 years old "A" Driving License. Young Driver Surcharge applicable over 25 y.o.



Longer and heavier than most other breeds of Harley-Davidson, Touring models are built for the long haul. Comfort, carrying potential, and capable cruising are focused upon in order to provide some of the best coast-to-coast machines in the country

Harley-Davidson Touring Models Provide Everything Needed for Long-Distance Journeys

Riders in need of a bike that will go the distance in style and comfort will want the range of Touring models. These motorcycles cater to the part of you that wants to truly embrace the freedom of the open road, with plenty of cruising power, cargo-carrying potential, and convenience features to let you enjoy every mile.

Street Glide

The Street Glide employs distinctive styling and numerous long-distance features, so it should come as no surprise to riders that this is the top motorcycle in the sport.

The new model has been given a more powerful engine to enhance performance even further, while a Jukebox system accommodates media devices from a USB connection to play your music through 5.25-inch speakers.

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