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Northern France and Belgium - Parizu

The north of France is probably the most welcoming and charming region of the whole country. It is a land of history and traditions, disputed for many centuries by different civilizations, tribes, and nations. It was one of the main stages in two World Wars, the setting for centuries of Anglo-French rivalry, and long before all that, a region sought by Greeks, Romans, Celts, and Franks, among many others. This Hertz Ride Tour will introduce you to some of its most spectacular roads, beautiful monuments, sublime landscapes, and the best of the world-famous gastronomy of Belgium and France.

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Le kdo izmed nas si ni nikoli zaželel odpotovati po najznamenitejših cestah, si ogledati čudovite spomenike, doživeti neverjetne pokrajine in okusiti najboljše gastronomske dobrote Belgije in Francije?

Hertz Ride vam ponuja priložnost, da uresničite svoje sanje!

Iz Pariza se bomo po šampanjskih poteh odpeljali vzdolž najlepših vinogradov v regiji, se podali proti Verdunu, simboli prve svetovne vojne in preko Luksemburga vstopili v Belgijo, kjer nas bo pot vodila skozi najlepša mesta: Charleroi, Bruselj, Ghent in Bruges, severne Benetke.

Po dnevu počitka se podamo na pot proti Lillu in od tod prečkamo sever Francije, kjer si ogledamo pokrajine in zgodovinske kraje, kot so Arras, Fecamp, Rouen, Giverny, Chartres in Versailles, ter pot zaključimo v Parizu.

(Ture se mora udeležiti najmanj 8 oseb)


  • Vodiča

  • Spremno vozilo

  • Celoten prtljažni sistem v izbranih modelih

  • Osnovno kritje z odbitno franšizo (CDW in TP)

  • Nastanitev v izbranih hotelih

  • Vsi zajtrki

  • "À la carte" večerje (razen v dneh počitka)

  • Letališki transferji (prvi in zadnji dan)

  • Prilagojeni Sprejemni Komplet

  • Turistična knjižica z dnevnim opisom


  • Rider on Single room 675€

  • Co-rider on double room 3.450€

  • Upgrade BMW 1250 GS 540€

  • Upgrade BMW 1250 RT 630€

  • Upgrade BMW Nine T 405€

  • * Osnovna cena: En voznik z BMW 750 GS moto v skupni sobi

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Po namestitvi v hotelu lahko obiščete mesto ali si odpočijete pred skupno pustolovščino. Popoldne se sestanemo in se pogovorimo o načrtih za naslednje dni ter si ogledamo predstavitev ture.




Paris - Reims

We will start our journey riding through some of the most well-known vineyards in the country, stopping along the way in a winery to learn the secrets of the most popular and famous wine in the world, the one that is named after the enchanting city of Champagne. For the night, we will stop in the 'City of the Kings', Reims. As a fact, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Reims was the coronation site for many kings, and the city has three sites on UNESCO's World Heritage List. At dinner, we will finally be able to properly taste the famous wines of the region and feel rewarded for an excellent first day on the road.




Reims - Luxembourg

Our second day will take us to the Duchy of Luxembourg, landlocked between France, Belgium and Germany. On our way, we will pass through the city of Verdun, where one of the most important First World War battles took place. The battle lasted for 302 days and claimed the lives of more than 700 thousand soldiers, making Verdun a true symbol of the senselessness of war. We will then follow on to an early afternoon arrival in Luxembourg, in time to visit the famous fortifications that surround the city and its historical center.




Luxembourg - Ghent

It is time to cross Belgium, moving from South to North. We will pass through Liège, called the 'Fiery City' for its cultural and economic vitality; and Brussels, the European Union capital. There we will be able to admire the futuristic building of the European Parliament headquarters and the charm of its city center. We will finish our Belgian day in Ghent, a charming town which is rich in architectural heritage. Ghent's intense cultural life, full of theatres, operas, and museums, makes the city a popular and interesting destination.




Ghent - Bruges - Ghent

We will experience the pure pleasure of slow riding with a relaxed day trip to visit Bruges, a neighboring city of Ghent, nicknamed the "Venice of the North" for its water channels picturesquely set around and across the old town. After lunch, we will return to Ghent for a stroll in the city center. In the evening, it’s time for us to enjoy the Belgian gastronomy and to taste one of the most sought-after delicacies in the world: French Fries! There's no better place in the whole world to find out if this delicacy should be named Belgium Fries instead...




Ghent - Fécamp

Today marks the longest riding day on this tour: around 330 km on the saddle. It will be a long day for sure, but a fascinating one just as well. We will leave Ghent to cross into France to Fécamp, passing by towns such as Lille, Lens, Arras, and Dieppe. Our route will take us from the flat landscapes of Belgium and Northern France to the high cliffs of the Atlantic. We will spend the night in Normandy, at Fécamp, a fishing town also well known for its Benedictine liquor. After a fabulous dinner to taste the sea specialties of the region, we will make a toast to another amazing day with a glass or two of the famous Benedictine!




Chartres – Pariz

On this final day of our journey, we will visit the Palace of Versailles, certainly one of the most beautiful and historical "chateaux" of France. We will walk around its sumptuous gardens, ornamented with statues of marble, bronze, and lead; and marvel at the rich collection of French art from the 17th century. We will finish our journey back in Paris, passing by a few of its most symbolic monuments and landmarks, like the Champs Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe, the Seine quays, the Notre Dame de Paris, the Louvre and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. Our final dinner in a traditional Parisian restaurant will be the perfect setting for an evening of great food and excellent wine, sharing memories to last a lifetime!





After breakfast at our hotel, Hertz Ride will provide transportation to the airport for your flight back home.


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