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Lisboa FUN Alentejo Motorcycle Self Guided Tour - Portugal


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Self guided tour

Discover some of the best sightseeing points around Lisbon, some of them famous for the Portuguese riders and where you can find some Motorcycle Club members.

You’ll take beautiful rides near the Atlantic coast and then you’ll discover a very pleasant parte of the Alentejo Region. There are beautifull villages, dams, landscapes and vineyards.

Once in the region you will have the opportunity to taste one of the best gastronomy in the World, and of course 5 stars wines.

In the end, you can find Sintra and it’s castles and palaces, where you’ll discover how the Portuguese Kings lived and the beaches they were used to go. Cascais and it’s famous roads and small palaces is the best final place to know in this 4 days tour as you’ll probably find there one of your first choices to live in the world.

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Lisboa FUN Alentejo Motorcycle Self Guided Tour


600€ *

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