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BMW R1250 GS

what's included

  • Complete Luggage System (3 cases)

  • Motorcycle Model Guaranteed

BMW R1250 GS

BMW R1250 GS


  • Availability: EUROPE, USA
    Brand: BMW
    Model: R1250 GS
    CC: 1254
    HP: 136
  • Weight: 249 kg (549 lbs)
    Seat Height: 850 mm - 870 mm (33.5" - 34.3")
    Luggage: Right Side Case / Left Side Case / Top Case
    Luggage Capacity: 30 L (6.6 gal) / 39 L (8.6 gal) / 35 L (9.25 gal)

Requirements: Minimum 21 years old. 3 years old "A" Driving License.


BMW R1250 GS - Motorcycle Rental


"The BMW R1250 GS is the most sought-after motorcycle on the Hertz Ride. Whether you want to reach the North Cape or take a weekend trip in good company, its powerful engine, load capacity, and superior connectivity allow you to enjoy an unparalleled experience on two wheels. A safe bet."

David Ferreiro. Location Manager, Barcelona


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  • Complete Luggage System (3 cases)

  • Motorcycle Model Guaranteed

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