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Motorcycle Travel Agency

Motorcycle Travel Agency

Aventura Motorcycle Tours

Aventura Motorcycle Tours is the official travel partner of Hertz Ride, which offers premium motorcycle tours, planned and guided by experienced and expert tour leaders. 


Our distinctive Tours include a motorcycle with a complete luggage system, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, and accommodation in selected hotels, ensuring that riders have a unique touring experience.


Aventura Motorcycle Tours is fully dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts, understanding and enabling high-end quality standards, specializing in planning and operating exclusive motorcycle tours worldwide.





Company: HR TOURS S.A.
VAT: PT516042823
RNAVT: 9398


The motobike was ready on time and Lucia was so helpful. We were taken to the airport for free. It was a pleasure ! ! ! Thank you Hertz!

Magali T

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