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Do the motorcycles have locks?

No. All models have a steering lock.


What model of GPS comes with the motorbikes?

BMW Navigator V and VI.


Can I use my own GPS?

Yes, if the motorcycle is factory-equipped with the GPS mount. Please check availability on the request.


Can I store my luggage at your location?

Yes, it is possible to store your luggage, depending on availability.


Can I change equipment/clothes at the hire depot?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee provision of an appropriate changing room.


Can I cross the border with the motorbike into a different country?

Yes, but you must request to do so at the time of booking and if you have a breakdown or accident, you will be given a replacement car and not a motorbike.


Do you have motorbike clothing available for hire?

We rent helmets in all countries. In France we rent gloves and in the USA we also rent motorbike jackets


Can I pick up or drop off the motorbike at a hotel?

Depending on the logistics at the operations department and for a fee established by the depot.


Can I travel to Morocco?

No, only as part of a Hertz Ride Tour Group or on a tour organised by a Hertz Ride authorised partner.


Can I choose the colour of the motorbike I hire?

No. Due to demand, we cannot ensure a particular colour.


Can I ride a Hertz Ride motorcycle with the driving license from my country?

If your driver’s license is not issued in Europe or in the USA, you must also bring an international driving permit.


What´s the minimum age for motorcycle rental?

To rent a motorcycle you need to be at least 21 years old and have at least 3 years of experience riding motorcycles with driver’s license rate equivalent to the motorcycle you are renting.

The minimum age to rent a motorcycle without any additional age differential charge is 28 years old.

It is considered acceptable to rent a motorcycle with an additional Young Driver Surcharge (YDS), as per table below:

Motorcycle Group Minimum age for renting Age differential for Young Driver Surcharge (YDS)


21 years old Not applicable

501cc to 1000 cc

21 years old From 21 years old to 25 years old
>1001cc 25 years old From 25 years old to 28 years old



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