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Just like you, each one of us is passionate about motorcycles, two-wheel traveling, and true adventures. Find out who we are, and why we are so sure you will make Hertz Ride an important part of your riding life from now on!

Artem Molotinskiy Portugal
Bruno Vilão Portugal
Carlo Canilli Italy
Daniele De Lucia Italy
David Ferreiro Ramos Spain
Eric Ruffin United States of America
Hari Marquez United States of America
Hugo Ramos United States of America
James Thomas United States of America
Julio Ballesteros Spain
Luis Garcia Spain
Rafael Verdugo France
Ricardo Serpa United States of America

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish

Country/ Cities of expertise: Portugal, Spain

Artem Molotinskiy

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Born in Russia; living in Lisbon, Portugal

Tour of a Lifetime: Pearls of the Adriatic

Favorite Motorcycle: Suzuki GSX1300R

"Artem started his professional career as an Automotive Industry auditor. He has had over 8 years of experience in a car rental company, working in different positions such as fleet specialist, CSR, team leader and country manager. From a very young age, Artem has shown real enthusiasm for motorcycles and most of the activities related to two-wheel riding: off-road, speed tracks and, naturally, traveling as well. Today, this relationship with motorcycles is as strong as ever, and keeps growing. Artem describes his current position as a Country Manager for Portugal as an ideal way to stay involved with his passions: "Hertz Ride is a company I identify myself with, a perfect match for my interests: motorcycles, adventures, and exploring new roads and places everywhere. I'm a proud member of a highly skilled and professional team, and we work as hard as possible to make a difference in this continuously growing and competitive market"."

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish

Country/ Cities of expertise: Portugal, Spain, Morrocco

Bruno Vilão

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Lisbon, Portugal

Tour of a Lifetime: Morocco

Favorite Motorcycle: BMW 1200 GS

"Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, Bruno have been travelling on a motorcycle since he was 16 years old, when he went for the first time to a motorcycle rally at Cabo da Roca, the most western point of continental Europe. Bruno has made several trips and attended different international motorcycle meetings. Like a true bike lover, he has had different motorcycle models throughout his life as a rider, from the iconic Vespa to the exceptional BMW 1250 GS. His first bike is unforgettable, though: the classic Portuguese brand, Casal Boss, which his father and him together rebuilt. At Hertz Ride, Bruno has found the ideal environment to develop his work and skills around some of his greatest passions: BMW motorcycles and helping people experience the joy of exploring the roads on two wheels."

Languages spoken: Italian, English

Country/ Cities of expertise: Italy, and the Alps area in particular

Carlo Canilli

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Born in Padova, Italy; currently living in Milano, Italy

Tour of a Lifetime: "Pharaos Rally" Egypt, 2014

Favorite Motorcycle: Moto GP, all brands!

"With a passionate motorcyclist father and a mini cross bike waiting for him in the garage at the tender age of 7, Carlo could not remain indifferent to the charm of motorcycles. His enthusiasm and curiosity took care of the rest. Over the years, Carlo wanted to try everything related to bikes, as a professional racer or simply as a pure passionate rider. He was involved in motocross, trial, circuit races, rally raids and hard enduro, and he still practices the latter as an amateur. He has always owned touring bikes with which he has traveled around Italy and throughout, always in the company of good friends, Europe. He grew up professionally in the car rental industry, assuming various commercial and operational roles in Hertz Rent-a-Car until he joined Hertz Ride a few years ago. Carlo is now able to combine the passion for the motorcycle world and his own well-developed professional skills, and he couldn't feel happier about it."

Languages spoken: Italian, English, Spanish

Country/ Cities of expertise: Center and South Italy; Florida

Daniele De Lucia

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Rome, Italy

Tour of a Lifetime: Rome to North Cape; Rome to Moscow; Coast to Coast USA; Coast to Coast Canada

Favorite Motorcycle: BMW R 1150 GS Adventure

"Daniele grew up as an avid rider, both personally and professionally. Sharing the same two-wheel passion with his father and brother, he has worked as Sales Manager for premium motorcycle brands, and he has also led his own motorcycle dealership. Always in contact with passionate customers, he has been providing riders with services and recommendations based on his professional experience. No matter what kind of bike they are interested in, from racing bikes to supermotard, from ATV to off-road models, from touring Bikes to E-Bikes, Daniele enjoys all the many options this passion for the motorcycle world offers him. Traveling through Europe to the North Cape and Moscow, or crossing North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, Daniele's never-ending love for his old BMW R 1150 GS Adventure keeps growing with each new adventure."

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Catalan.

Country/ Cities of expertise: Spain

David Ferreiro Ramos

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Born in the North of Spain, raised in Barcelona. After a few years living in several parts of Spain, came back to Barcelona in 2017.

Tour of a Lifetime: Nordkapp . 2008. All alone in a 13 days trip, from the center of Spain to North Cape.

Favorite Motorcycle: 2007 R-1200-GS Adventure. About to reach 200.000 kmts, and still with me.

"Born in Santiago de Compostela, soon moved to Barcelona, where I was raised. Although I’ve studied to be a lawyer, I’ve been always in touch with motorcycles, working on sales, accessories, and also workshops. Even though I’ve worked in different areas, I always came back to motorcycles. I like working with people who share the same passion as me."

Languages spoken: English

Country/ Cities of expertise: USA

Eric Ruffin

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Born in Bronx, New York; Living in Las Vegas, Nevada

Tour of a Lifetime: Full Moroccan Experience

Favorite Motorcycle: Harley Davidson Street Glide

"Six years serving years in the U.S. Army as a Sergeant and a veteran of the Gulf War, together with three years playing semi-professional American Football, provided Eric with the necessary leadership skills to embrace a successful career in the car rental industry. Moving on to the motorcycle side of the business, Eric was the Location Manager for the largest rental fleet in the Harley-Davidson Rentals program (Las Vegas), and later on a Riding Academy Manager. Eric joined the newly formed Hertz Ride US team as an Operations Manager for the company and feels absolutely thrilled to be joining a committed and motivated team of experts helping to shape the future of Hertz Ride's North American business."

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Country/ Cities of expertise: Western USA

Hari Marquez

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Born in El Salvador; raised and currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada

Tour of a Lifetime: Magical Austria, Coast to Coast USA

Favorite Motorcycle: BMW R1250GS; Harley Davidson Street Glide

"Hari's passion for motorcycles started at an early age as he grew up seeing his grandfather ride almost daily. He started his motorcycle career with Harley Davidson, as a sales representative in Las Vegas, and he is very knowledgeable about popular destinations on the western side of the United States. Being a firm believer in the concept that everything should be earned rather than given, Hari is a strong advocate of positive thinking in the workplace. He is also very passionate about other cultures, and he enjoys getting to meet people from different parts of the world. Hari loves watching sports on the weekends, but he can also be found riding down Valley of Fire's twisted roads whenever he has a chance to ride his motorcycle around Las Vegas."

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French

Country/ Cities of expertise: Portugal, Spain, USA

Hugo Ramos

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Born in Lisbon, Portugal and living in Las Vegas

Tour of a Lifetime: Nordkapp, Norway

Favorite Motorcycle: Anything with two wheels and an engine!

"career The motorcycle passion started early, with a Paris Match Magazine and the amazing Paris Dakar Rally photos circa 1985. The first motorcycle, a 50cc Yamaha DT, arrived at 16 years old and it never stopped from there, becoming the partner of many adventures. I’ve owned more than 50 motorcycles in my life, all kinds and styles, some are still on my garage. In 2010 I’ve started a lifelong dream of working in the motorcycle business. I’ve founded a publishing house debuting a motorcycle magazine that revolutionized the Portuguese motorcycle media. Since then, the company launched a motorcycle travelling magazine and became the owner of the oldest motorcycle magazine in Portugal, becoming the major media house in the country. In 2015 I’ve founded a new company, to import the brand Touratech to Portugal. This company is also an event organizer, a tour operator and a Hertz Ride partner in renting motorcycles. Also on the event organization, I’ve worked with BMW Motorrad Portugal on the annual BMW Riding Experience on the Estoril Circuit, with Ducati Iberia on the Ducati Day event, the festival Twins & Fins, the adventure annual event Our Dakar in the Algarve and I’m also a co-founder of the Touratech Adventure Country Tracks. I truly love motorcycles, the passion, lifestyle and experience. This was the two main reasons to join the Hertz Ride project, combine my passions of riding motorcycles and managing businesses, in order to create the opportunity for more and more people to enjoy their life, riding and exploring the world in two wheels."

Languages spoken: English

Country/ Cities of expertise: Southern California desert, Baja California

James Thomas

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Born in Upland, California; living in Stanton, California

Tour of a Lifetime: Wild West Adventure

Favorite Motorcycle: BMW R1250GS

"Jim lives breaths, eats, and loves motorcycles, and has been riding them since he was nine years old. As he grew up, the world famous Saddleback motocross park was right by his backyard, so it is no surprise that Jim would develop a strong passion for riding and competing in two wheels. For years, he has competed in AMA Desert D-37 races and participated in S.C.O.R.E International off-road events. Restoration of old motorcycles is also one of Jim's main interests."

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, German

Country/ Cities of expertise: Spain, Alps, Morocco, Adriatic

Julio Ballesteros

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Málaga, Spain

Tour of a Lifetime: "It's hard to pick one. I've been to Morocco many times, and it has always been a different experience. I've been to faraway places like Russia and the North Cape in Norway; and I've also been in fantastic places nearby, like the Pyrenees, the Alps, and the Dolomites. The destination is never important; what really matters is experiencing the joy of traveling with a motorcycle."

Favorite Motorcycle: BMW R1200GS Rallye 2012

"Julio has always been in love with motorcycles and everything related to them. At Hertz Ride, he found the perfect job, as he gets to work with the bikes, travel, meet people from around the world and share his passions. After years of enjoying racetracks, enduro, trial, jet-ski, and motorcycle tours, Julio is now able to provide his clients with great motorcycles, allowing them to experience the best roads and destinations. When he is guiding a tour and showing beautiful roads to groups of fellow riders, nothing makes Julio happier than seeing their smiling faces as they share stories at the end of the day around a table with good food. He says he likes to think of himself as a "Swiss Army Knife" kind of guy who can solve any problems that may arise on the road. At the start of each tour, he feels he's meeting new clients. At the end of it, he is saying goodbye to new friends!"

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Country/ Cities of expertise: Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, France, Italy

Luis Garcia

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Madrid, Spain

Tour of a Lifetime: After spending over 20 years traveling in Spain, Europe, and Africa on motorcycles, it would be difficult to choose a favorite tour. If I had to choose, I'd say that any of my many trips in Africa could be a good pick.

Favorite Motorcycle: My veteran Africa Twin 750 will remain my heart favorite, but the one I have had the most experiences with in competitions has been is the KTM 450 Rally Factory previously owned by Toby Price (2018).

"Everyone in the bike world knows Luis as "Garcy", and in racing circles, he is called "Garcy the African" because of his knowledge of the desert. His whole life has revolved around motorcycles, more specifically enduro competitions, motocross and road tracks. He is currently competing in rallies in Spain and abroad. His first trip to Morocco was in 1996. Since then, Luis has been dedicated to organizing and guiding motorcycle trips in that charming and mysterious country. He has been there countless times, considering all the tours as a guide, the off-road races, plus scouting and training trips. It would be fair to say Morocco already feels like a home away from home to him! In his free time, Luis is always thinking of different routes, new places, and unique destinations. As he says, "it feels like my head always has a map on, and I'm constantly visualizing new adventures while I'm looking at it". Thanks to his extensive experience guiding tours, Luis can now confidently help clients and friends organize their motorcycle travel experiences, and this makes him increasingly proud of his work."

Languages spoken: Spanish, English and French

Country/ Cities of expertise: Spain, Morocco, France

Rafael Verdugo

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Born in Cádiz and raised in Seville, Spain; living in Paris, France

Tour of a Lifetime: Paris-Dakar. Not the real rally, but the real route – all the fun, no stress!

Favorite Motorcycle: BMW K1200R

"Rafael loves riding a motorcycle, regardless of the destination. For him, enjoying the journey is what truly matters. We could say he is a dreamer and an adventurer, always looking for new challenges every time he sets off to explore near and far away routes. Born in Spain, he came to France on a motorcycle a few years ago looking for a dream, and he found it when he joined the Hertz Ride family. He can now share his travel experiences with people looking for new destinations and challenges. In his own words, “I'm fortunate to have been able to travel throughout Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Senegal, and a large part of Europe on a motorcycle. It is always a real pleasure to meet with motorcycle enthusiasts and share with them all my stories and experiences from the road."

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish

Country/ Cities of expertise: USA and Canada

Ricardo Serpa

Birth place/ Raise Place/ Living in: Raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; living in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Tour of a Lifetime: Florida/Alaska/Florida, in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018

Favorite Motorcycle: BMW 1200 GS Adventure

"Ricardo has been involved with motorcycles for over 40 years, starting his two-wheel adventures in enduro competitions in Brazil. His professional experience encompasses a variety of different fields, from his early beginnings as a financial analyst for investment banks and export manager for multinational companies, to professional photojournalist and writer for daily newspapers. For the past decade, he has dedicated himself to fine art photography and long-distance motorcycle traveling. Based out of Sunny Isles Beach, near Miami, Ricardo has done several months-long coast-to-coast solo motorcycle trips from Florida to Alaska in recent years, documenting the culture and unique places along the way. As a motorcycle tour guide, he has had the opportunity to ride in different regions of the world: South and North America, Africa, Europe, Siberia, Mongolia, India, and New Zealand. Besides motorcycles, photography and traveling, Ricardo's passions are reading, world history, surfing, and spending time with his wife Nicole visiting their four children living in New York and California."

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The motobike was ready on time and Lucia was so helpful. We were taken to the airport for free. It was a pleasure ! ! ! Thank you Hertz!

Magali T

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