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A whole week by motorcycle in Central California is just enough time to enjoy the state’s diverse beauty and marvelous Mediterranean climate. From the epic grandeur of Big Sur and the Sierra Nevada to the rolling wine country of Santa Ynez and the strawberry fields of Salinas Valley, the region is a motorcyclist’s dream. We’ll also explore the enchanting surfers’ city of Santa Cruz and the fishing port of Monterey, famous for its world-class aquarium. And San Francisco never disappoints with its fabulous skyline, Chinatown, and world-class cuisine.


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San Francisco - Santa Cruz

This is a short day mileage-wise, as it will give the rider an opportunity to acclimate to riding in California. Highlights Include: - Skyline Blvd: The most famous riding road in central California, this stretch following the mountains separating Silicon Valley from the Pacific Ocean  - Alice’s Restaurant: A popular stop for motorcyclists throughout central California - Big Basin Redwoods: a winding road threaded through some of the largest Redwood trees in the world - Santa Cruz, California: A relaxed surfing community boasting waterfront views of the Monterey Bay 




Santa Cruz - Monterey

Low miles but a solid day of riding, due to low-speed, beautiful winding backroads. Highlights Include: 




Monterey - Cambria

Perhaps the most beautiful Ocean views in the world, period. Highlights Include: - Pacific Coast Hight (PCH): While the PCH spreads throughout the entire western Seaboard of the USA, this is arguably the most beautiful section. Stunning ocean views, ancient redwoods, classic architecture and marine life all await along this famous str




Cambria - Kernville

Heading East, we will experience the arid beauty of one of California’s largest Desert lands. Highlights Include:  - Hwy 58: Another little known gem nestles in California central Valley. Stunning sweeping twistes nestled in flowing foothills, skimming the famed San Andreas Fault line - The Sierra Foothills: The Southern Edge of the Sierra Mountains, laden with Sequia Trees and tiny village towns - Hwy 155: Another little known secret, and perhaps one of the greatest motorcycle roads in California. This stretch takes you up and over the Sierra foothills via tight, flowing twisties, complete with breathtaking views of the granite and sequoia laden mountain ranges.  - Kernville: Enjoy a stay at once of several small lodges straddling the Kern River in this sleepy mountain town. 




Kernville - Shaver Lake

- Sequoia National Forest: Much Like Redwoods, Sequoia Trees are massive; but more brilliant in color. Sequoias only grow in a small swath of land through the California G6/ Nevada mountains, and are a breathtaking sight! - Shaver Lake: A small ski community




Shaver Lake - Yosemite

No Trip to California is complete without a trip through Yosemite National Park! Highlights Include:  - Beautiful backroads: Forget the tourist roads, this route to the Southern Yosemite Entrance is a highlight in itself. Skimming along the Sierra Foothills on wide, sweeping twisties with amazing views.  - Yosemite National Park: There is simply too much that can be said about the beauty of Yosemite, and yet any description would fall short. Prepare yourself for one of the most stunning visions of Nature you have ever seen.




Yosemite - San Francisco

A return to the Coast with a flair for adventure! Highlights Include:  - Lick Observatory: Built in the 1800’s, Lick Observatory sits atop the mountains above Silicon Valley. The quiet views are second only to the amazing roads that bring you there! - Golden Gate Bridge: Ride one of the most famous architectural feats in the modern world.  - Downtown San Francisco: Enjoy dining, shopping, and sightseeing in this famous city.




San Francisco - Flight Home

Transfer to the airport for your flight home. 


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